Lactation Consultation


At this time, consultations are provided in my cozy and welcoming home office on Kadena AFB.
(In home consultations may be offered in the future if time allows).

I am committed to supporting you throughout your breastfeeding journey so all consultations come with access to me via phone/email for as long as you need and one 15 minute follow up weight check if necessary.

Lactation Services


Weight Check: Brief visit with weight check and adjustment to care plan if needed. Does not include feeding assessment with pre and post weights.

*Included in some consultations

Phone Consultation:  If we have not had a face-to-face consult and you have a quick breastfeeding-related question, I will be happy to briefly speak as my time allows. If, however, a phone discussion is taking more than 10 minutes or you are a current client with a new problem or situation not directly related to the initial consult, a private lactation consultation will need to be scheduled.

Prenatal Consultation:  This visit lasts up to 1 hour and includes a comprehensive history review, education on what to expect the first couple weeks, and how to start out breastfeeding. It’s perfect for first time moms or moms who have had prior breastfeeding challenges. Includes access to me via phone/email for support.

Postpartum Consultation:  This visit lasts 1 hour and includes a thorough history, a baseline weight and exam, education on what to expect the first few weeks, an initial observation and assessment of a nursing session, a customized care plan. Includes access via telephone and/or email and one follow up weight check if necessary.



For the mama that likes to be prepared! Great for first time moms, or those that have not breastfed previously.

Includes a one hour prenatal consultation and one hour postpartum consultation.


Problem Oriented Consultation: Great for those moms experiencing problems with breastfeeding and need some help. Includes History and Exam, breastfeeding observation with pre and post breastfeeding weights, and comprehensive careplan. Includes one 15 minute follow up with weight check in my home office and support via phone/email.


Follow Up: This visit usually lasts 1 hour and includes an observation and reassessment of feeding with pre and post feeding weights and adjustments to care plan will be done if necessary. Includes one 15 minute follow up with weight check and phone/email support.


Preventative Consultation:  Typically lasts one hour and is great for moms who are thirsty for knowledge and want to prevent problems.

Includes breastfeeding assessment with pre and post weights if desired and weight check during consultation. I can offer useful tips and education that may come in handy and prevent complications later on. Infant massage is also incorporated as a great way to enhance breastfeeding. I can “prescribe” infant massage for common conditions such as reverse cycling, colic, even the baby blues!

Includes phone/email support.


Back to Work:  This visit usually lasts 1 hour and includes when/how to begin pumping before you return to work, introducing a bottle, determining how much milk you will need, talking to caregivers about appropriate bottle feeding, making arrangements with your employer, and maximizing pumping efficiency while at work. This visit is best when the baby is nursing well and gaining well after the 3rd week, but before the 6th week.  Have your breast pump handy for this consultation. Does not include breastfeeding assessment or weight check but does include phone/email support.


Weaning:  This visit typically lasts 1 hour and includes learning different techniques for weaning at any age and how to make the transition smooth for both mom and baby. Infant massage is incorporated to ease emotion and reinforce bond.


Unless you are a prenatal client you absolutely must fill out your history prior to your first visit! This can be done by clicking “client portal” on the contact page on this website. If it is not filled out by the evening prior to your appointment, your appointment will need to be rescheduled.


A non-refundable deposit of $25 is necessary to reserve your appointment and full payment is due the day of your consultation.


*Please visit me on facebook to view current fees


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